the alternative root (danny mccloskey)

"Music swirls in the night air as Tim Houlihan and his band search the sky to find their own guiding star. The story floats freely on a bed of airy Americana as Tim Houlihan promises a lifetime of love as he navigates by the lights from above with “Another Orion,” the title track from his recent release."

indie music (j. rivera)

"Tim Houlihan has a soft denim-creased voice, accompanied with a crisp acoustic guitar and while there’s a backing band here, this is enough. Houlihan embodies the role of country-folk troubadour remarkably well and true to form. So the rest of the band filling out the rhythm and adding leads, is just icing on the cake."

Twin cities media net (Markus akre)

"I enjoyed Tim Houlihan’s set quite a bit. His no nonsense, smooth and very interesting sound was just what the doctor ordered for a Sunday night.  Overall a great set and certainly an artist and album you should check out." (Valére Sampermans)

"Minneapolis based singer-songwriter Tim Houlihan has shifted from acoustic folk to more and more in the direction of contemporary alt country and rock music, which is these days generally called ‘americana’, and his latest album ‘Another Orion’ contains a clever mix of these music styles and demonstrates the skills of a promising artist."

Lonesome (stephen rapid)

"There isn’t a duff track among the ten featured [on "Another Orion"] and while there is no one immediate stand-out there is a constancy to the album that makes it largely work in context. Nothing you have not heard before but equally for the same reasons, one that is comfortable without ever being bland. An album where the songs grow with greater familiarity and soon sound like some old friends."

NeuFuture Magazine (James mcquiston)

"Another Orion is a release that does not allow listeners to take a breath. The tracks contained within tell an engrossing story, giving listeners a look into a unique performer while containing a number of hits from initial riff to final note."

Skope Magazine (Beach Sloth)

"With an incredible knack for storytelling, Tim Houlihan’s “Another Orion” is sung straight from the heart. Arrangements are impeccable with a full-on bluesy folk sound defining the album. Every song feels akin to a glimpse at the dreams and longing that can define a life. By far the highlight is the strong reassuring vocals courtesy of Tim Houlihan. The attention to detail is divine as elements of rock and Americana are nicely woven into the album, resulting in an emotionally varied series of songs."

BT (Brian Turner - Go96.3 FM Minneapolis)

"["Another Orion"] has a solid and genuine Americana feel to it, from song to song, evoking genuine emotions and storylines."

the miews (shaine freeman)

" Houlihan stays in the “pocket” and delivers a smooth, yet sincere, tone that blows through your ears like a crisp autumn breeze."

ROOTSTIME.BE (Eric Schuurmans)

“An eclectic mix of topics funneled through the songwriting mind and heart of a thoughtful poet and dedicated musician…“ [Translated from the original Dutch]

Music Street Journal (G.W. Hill)

"Blending blues, folk, rock and more, this lands pretty well in the territory of Americana. It's a classy set with some great moments."

L'Etoile Magazine (Jon Hunt)

“[Anthems is] mellow and rocky and classic-sounding and pretty crisp, sonically. But Tim’s also a really, really good songwriter, and that’s on display all over this album. He has a real sense of how to put a melody together…And he’s even better when he takes it down a little bit.

And Tim’s voice is quite damn great, smooth and honest and direct in a way that Midwesterners do so damn well. And interestingly, “Wisdom Tree” reminds me a lot of David Crosby, all abstract melodies and alternate tunings and poetic lyrics and a hell of a lot of gorgeousness — …I defy you not to swoon a little bit.”